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Jan 15, 14.
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Jun 21, 13.
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facebook hashtags have launched

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Jun 7, 13.
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  • Guy in audience: Can you talk about hashtags on facebook?
  • Guy from Facebook on stage: No.
  • Guy in audience: Can you elaborate on that?
  • Guy from Facebook on stage: No.
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Apr 9, 12.
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A billion dollars isn’t cool, you know what’s cool? Cell phone pictures of food.

Sean Parker in “The Social Network 2: Instasham” (via passthemike)
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Mar 12, 12.
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One of the things that fascinates me is the way a lot of young people seem to use Tumblr, which is basically as a positive, aspirational alternative to the social networking institution they’re accustomed to: Facebook. Rather than forcing them to represent themselves as they are, which I think is Facebook’s major goal, Tumblr allows them to represent the romantic self (or selves) they wish to be. I think this is a big part of the intense emotional attachment a lot of people seem to have to Tumblr.

Facebook is currently #1 in terms of time spent online, but Tumblr recently became #2. I think this is because they both appeal to intense human desires, but I would argue that off the two Tumblr appeals to the more positive.

Buzz Anderson, quoted by Fred Spears in an interview with Pixel Union. (via blech)

Buzz is awesome.

(via joshuanguyen)

(via joshuanguyen)

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Dec 28, 11.
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May 19, 11.
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People you may know.

People you may know.

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